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RELEASEDATE: 20.07.2010 Vinyl+Digital
RELEASEDATE: 27.09.2011 Vinyl + Digital
RELEASEDATE: 16.12.2013 Vinyl+Digital
RELEASEDATE: 04.02.2014
RELEASEDATE: 30.07.2014
RELEASEDATE:  30.04.2015
RELEASEDATE: 22.Juli 2015 Vinyl only
A1: Glow Box
B1: Madison Remix
B2: LePetri Remix
A1: Sweet‘n Candy Remix
B1: Cocina India
B2: Madison Remix
A1: Kiss A Girl
A2: Your Soul
B1: Tuba Revolution
B2: Touch the Sky
C1: Break the Silence
C2: Back to Berlin
D1: You know
D2: I can feel it
A1: Suck it up (Madison remix)
B1: Sunny Day
B2: Suck it up
B2: Crazy Bird
B1: Bet and Win
A1: Here I am
A1: In Your Mind
B1: In Your Mind (Dice Remix)
B2: Bleep Out
B2: I Wish
A2: Still the same
B1: I Wish (Lepetri  Remix)
A1: People Talk
RELEASEDATE: 03.November 2015
RELEASEDATE: 14.Juli 2016
A1: Forget Is Past
B1: Brazilian Way
B2: Go Tech
A1: End Of Chapter
B1: No Love Lost
B2: First Date